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Meyer Farm XTSS4500+ Tridem Trailer / Suspension Steer Trailer - 45 Ton

Meyer Farm XTSS4500+ Tridem Trailer / Suspension Steer Trailer - 45 Ton  for sale at Southern Silage Supply, LLC

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Meyer Farm XTSS4500+ Tridem Trailer / Suspension Steer Trailer - 45 Ton  for sale at Southern Silage Supply, LLC



  • XTSS4500+ Series Upgraded!
    This new "Plus" Series XTSS Tridem Suspension / Steer Trailer received a host of upgrades to the hitch frame, structure, axle system, scale mounts and more!
  • HD Tubular Frame
    The Meyer XTSS4500+ Tridem Trailer Chassis features a massive 4x8" tubular frame in two different lengths to accommodate your application.   Typically use for 9130RT & 9136RT silage boxes or 9530 Crop Max spreaders with 30 - 36' of load space.
  • Robust Hitch Assemblies
    Meyer XTSS trailers feature a strong 6x8" tubular hitch system which is heavily fortified to handle the load.
  • Suspended Axles Standard on XTSS / Front & Rear Steerable
    HD 33,000# suspension axles are standard on this model as well as front and rear axle steering providing a smooth ride, less stress and reduced tire wear.
  • Tire Options
    The XTSS4500+ Trailer can be ordered with 600/50x22.5 or the more popular 700/40x22.5 bar tire package.
  • Locking Rear Axle
    The front and rear steer axle feature a locking mechanism to aid in backing up or long distance forward travel out of the field.   (Hydraulically activated from the cab)
  • Brake Choices
    XTSS Meyer Trailers come standard with a drum brake feature.   You can choose from manual activated hydraulic brakes or foot pedal activated if your tractor is properly equipped.
  • Standard Articulating Implement Hitch
    This HD Cast Articulating Implement Hitch is standard equipment on the XTSS4500+.   It offers excellent flexibility for uneven terrain and does require a hammer strap tractor draw-bar.   (Accepts 1.5 or 2" pin)
  • Scale Options
    The Meyer XTSS Series Trailer can be outfitted this handy scale arrangement.   It features a 10 cell system mounted between the trailer and the implement.


Model XTSS4500+ 390
Style Tridem Suspension Steerable
Suspension Leaf Spring
Capacity (Trailer & Load) 90,000#
Tread Width 88 1/2" w/600/50x22.5
Axle Configuration Tridem - steerable 33,000# x 3 - High Speed
Heavy Duty Hubs 10 Bolt - Grease Filled
Max Speed (Depends on Tires) 40 mph
Frame Design 4x8 Tubular
Bed Width 42"
Stake Spacing 33.5" std
Bed Height 50" w/600/50x22.5
Overall Width w/600/50x22.5 110"
Overall Length 40' 3"
Bed Length 32' 9"
Hitch and Hitch Supports Extra Heavy Duty
Articulating Implement Hitch Standard- Requires 1.5 or 2" pin Hammerstrap style hitch
Weight- Approx. 13,100# w/600/50x22.5
Tires 600/50x22.5 High Float 700/40x22.5 High Float
Brakes Hydraulic Manual Hydraulic Foot Pedal
Saftey Chain Optional