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Up North Plastics

    • grainbags 340x225
    • Grain Bags

      Grain producers today have more flexibility than ever when it comes to added storage capabilities. The ever-increasing value of grains requires that producers protect their crops using the highest quality products available. Our engineers at Up North Plastics designed a stronger bag that can withstand the added stress dry grain can put on a bag. Grain producers are learning what beef and dairy producers have known for years: Up North Plastics is the leader in quality, service and value.

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    • bunkercovers 340x225
    • Bunker Covers

      From utilizing packing tractors and gravel bags to improved face management and feed out techniques, bunker and silage pile management has come a long way in the past decade. Along with these improvements, feed managers are realizing the best way to reduce spoilage is by using multi-layer covering techniques. The combination of our 2 mil Silage Shield™ covered by our 5 mil black and white bunker covers ensures an airtight seal with quality products that producers have come to rely on for the best protection of their valuable feedstuffs. Up North Plastics is your partner in quality feed storage.

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    • silagebags 340x225
    • Silage Bags

      Top producers know that the best way to preserve the quality of high-value forages is to store their feed in Up North silage bags. With the ever- increasing value of feedstuffs, why risk using anything but the strongest, most reliable, time-tested bag on the market? Match that with our outstanding service record, and you have a combination that is unrivaled in the industry. Trust the protection of your feed to Up North Plastics. We're your partner in quality feed storage.

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